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Transaction terms

Transaction terms

 Customers have the obligation to comply with the following terms of the transaction in the process of ordering and delivery. Cnautokey Technology Limited retains the right to modify these terms without notice. Please read carefully the following terms when you order through Cnautokey Technology Limited website or by phones:

1.The ordered prices should be subject to the quoted prices in the e-mail, telephone and fax by our company. 

2. Without specified notes, the company's commodity prices do not include various taxes and delivery charges. 

3, Please fill out your real name, address and contact information clearly and accurately. Cnautokey Technology Limited will not be responsible for the order delaying or not distribution caused by the following circumstances: 

A. The customers provide a wrong message or unknown address; 
B. No one signs for the delivered goods and the charges from duplication of delivery and related consequences caused by this; 
C. Force majeure, such as: natural disasters, traffic martial law, emergent war. 

4, Security: Whether you order goods by phone or internet, we will guarantee the security of transactions and Cnautokey Technology Limited staff is authorized to handle your order. 

5 Privacy: Cnautokey Technology Limited respect your privacy, in any case, we do not disclose or sell your personal and order information to any third party (except for the transfer of the national judiciary). We get all customer information on the website or by phone for only to process your related order. 

6 Disclaimer: If due to force majeure or other reasons beyond the control of Cnautokey Technology Limited, the Cnautokey Technology Limited system crashes or does not work properly resulting in uncompleted online transactions or loss of related information, records, etc., Cnautokey Technology Limited will assist in handling this reasonably and make great efforts to avoid customers’ economical losses. 

7, Clients’ supervision: Cnautokey Technology Limited hopes to provide customers with the best service with unremitting efforts. Cnautokey Technology Limited accepts the supervision of clients in the whole process of providing services for clients. 

8, Dispute resolution: If there is dispute between the client and Cnautokey Technology Limited, they can resolve in terms of the identified agreement by both parties at that time or the relevant law and any party may suit to Futian District court in Shenzhen.

Cnautokey Technology Limited
We uphold the sales idea of high quality with low price, ease and satisfaction for you. The goods we sell and your purchased products in person all enjoy the same quality assurance. The goods with the quality guarantee will be implemented in accordance with the commitment in the guarantee and other goods will be implemented in terms of the relevant provisions or by the specific instructions. Package for goods will not charge any fees.

Special Notes: 
1. If your purchased goods have the quality problem within the specified time in need of return or exchange, please contact our customer service staff in time. After the company's consent, you can send back to after-sales department by express way according to the prompt information. If you directly send the goods to our company without the phone, our company has the right to refuse your application.

2. We make sure of the intact packaging of products in the beginning of delivery. When you receive the goods, please check carefully on the spot whether the invoices, goods and the goods delivery note are consistent or not, if you find missing or damaged goods, etc., please contact with our company customer service department on the spot, that is, the delivery staff are still present; If you have found the packaging is damaged or goods damaged in transportation, etc., please point out on the spot and refuse to accept and then call our customer service, if you have signed or others help you sign, the outer packaging of goods, quantity and contents are regarded as correct and our company will not process. Please confirm your intact appearance of electronic locksmith and locks products and then try, if you try and then find out the appearance problems, our company will not handle.

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